DMD Research News

Each year at La Force Foundation, we select the most interesting and promising research for Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) to support.

We live in an era of ultra-fast change, where science and technology are working together more than they ever have. This is especially true for DMD, which has seen significant strides in genetic research.

Before we fund projects, it’s important to ensure that the research protocols are ethical and that the preliminary results of research are auspicious. With the help of the Duchenne Alliance, we consult experts in the field of genetics to ensure that projects have real potential to advance the treatment of DMD.

This year, La Force is participating in three research projects that we believe are extremely promising.

DMD Research Funded in 2016 and 2017

How can I find out about clinical trials?

Enlisting in a DMD registry can guide the medical researchers who plan clinical trials of new therapies to you. A registry can help these scientists to identify children with DMD who live near a particular research centre and contact them about upcoming clinical trials.

Learn more about registries here.