Giving Tuesday is your opportunity to give back. This is a day dedicated to generosity just as Black Friday and Cyber Monday are dedicated to shopping. Contributing to our cause will help someone afflicted Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD). It’s the moment in Canada and the whole world to celebrate giving back and supporting causes that matter to you. We are part of the 3,200, charities and organization celebrating this day in Canada.


Help someone afflicted Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD)

What is Duchenne? It’s a degenerative muscle disease, afflicting mostly young boys 1-3500. It’s a fatal disease with no cure, taking muscles strength away and leaving young adults in a wheelchair and premature death in their late twenties. Many treatments are on the horizon, but we need your help to raise awareness and funds because there is no time to lose for people afflicted with DMD. Our organization raise funds for promising research and raise awareness to have a unified DMD community across Canada to access new treatment quickly.


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About GivingTuesday

GivingTuesday was launched in Canada in 2013 by GIV3 and CanadaHelps.org and lists 15 founding partners. It’s a day for the entire charitable sector and encourages all Canadians to join the movement and give and volunteer for charities of their choice. GivingTuesday was initially founded in 2012 in the US by 92Y and the UN Foundation.


How to contribute to our cause:

There is no small amount!

Our organization aim to unite the DMD community to raise awareness around a common objective: that of providing access to new treatments as fast as possible and to participate in the funding of promising research projects. We also raise funds for two promising research based in Canada.


Every dollar is taking us closer to find better treatments and the cure.

Give to La Force here


Other ways to support us:

  • Organize a fundraiser or a sporting event
  • Buy our promotional items to make gifts
  • Share our stories, video and article
  • Display our colours during your outings and events.

Bruce at the finish line interviewed by Radio-Canada

Monday, August 6th, Bruce has finished his long journey crossing Canada at Stanley Park in Vancouver. La Force team, Anakin’s family and other families affected by DMD were eagerly waiting for Bruce. They were all there to welcome him and sincerely say thank you. He pedalled over 4457 km in 31 days. He faced the heat, the mountains, wild animals and winds to raise awareness about DMD to Canadiens and raise money.


To raise awareness about the drug approval process

Cycling across Canada is symbolic. The drug approval process affects all of Canada. Patients affected by DMD and other rare diseases are facing the same problem from one coast to the other. Canada does not have a framework for drug approval for rare diseases.


Interview on Radio-Canada

When Bruce arrived, he and, Marie-Catherine Du Berger, La Force’s president and Anakin’s mother, were interviewed by Marc-Éric Bouchard for the show “Les retours de l’Ouest” at Radio-Canada.


Here you can watch the interview:


Here are a few passages of the interview with Bruce Babington and Marie-Catherine Du Berger:


Marc-Éric Bouchard (radio host): Tell us about the beginning of the adventure, how did you decide to undertake this challenge, this bike crossing?

Bruce Babington: In my life, I wanted to do this journey. When I started to treat Anakin, my patient, I came up with the idea of the challenge to raise funds, donations, I’m sorry, and also to raise awareness about the disease in Canada. And also, for La Force Foundation. So, at a dinner, I told my friends about going across Canada between Mont-Tremblant and Vancouver. This idea is a bit unreal, it’s quite an experience!

Marc-Éric Bouchard (radio host): What have you learned about yourself during this journey? Did you learn things you didn’t know about yourself as a therapist?

Bruce Babington: I always think about my patients, the best method to treat patients, especially like Anakin. It’s hard to tell because when you’re pedalling, the only thing you think much of is to reach the next town. It’s surprising because I thought I would have more time to think about other things, but curiously, when the days are quite long, it’s very hard, it’s very hot, the wind is strong also…I didn’t think a lot. It’s really about: look at your pedals, look at your wheels. I didn’t have a lot of time to think about other things.

Marc-Éric Bouchard (radio host): Is there a meaning with his name Anakin and Star Wars? The meaning with La Force, what is it?

Marie-Catherine Du Berger: Anakin is our inspiration for the Foundation. When you learn about this disease diagnosis, you realize that there is nothing much you can do, and that hope lies in the future treatments to come. It’s a bit like the work we do with La Force Foundation: engage everyone for the moment treatments will come to Canada…Because we’re a bit late, in Canada, regarding this disease. There is no effective treatment yet, but there are more treatments to come. There is one that has been approved in the United States, one that has been approved in Europe and that is different. For us, the purpose of La Force is to raise awareness and try to get ready to encourage faster approvals. This is not only the case for DMD, every rare disease also has almost the same treatment for drug approvals. Here in Canada, we have huge gaps. It really matters to us.

Many thanks go to Marc Fournier and Marc-Éric Bouchard for giving us exposure throughout Canada. Note that August 6th is a holiday in British Columbia. So, it’s been a great opportunity for our event. We also say a big thank you from the bottom of our hearts to Bruce for endorsing our cause in taking up the personal challenge he wanted to achieve for a long time. Beyond the funds raised for researches, this bike crossing gives hope for Canadian families living their everyday life with DMD.


You still can support Bruce for his bike crossing by making a donation.

Together for change


We are thankful to Sotherby’s International Realty team for publishing this article.

“Very little is done in Canada for the DMD and parents are send back home with no hope when it is no longer the case. On long term La Force is to become a guiding light for patient with DMD”

The Fondation La Force was created following the diagnostic of Anakin Lacase (son MC president Foudation).  Muscular Dystrophy is a terrible genetic disease, it is fatal, with no cure and lead to premature death (about 20 years old). Looking at your kid slowly dying, is the worst for parents, family and friends.  The Foudation was the positive that resides in our decision to become actors rather than spectators in this terrible tragedy.  Very little is done in Canada for DMD, Parents are most often faced with the sole option of having to prepare for early death when this is no longer the case. New and emerging technology provides hope but it’s practically inaccessible, mainly due to the disease’s lack of notoriety. People would like to help but most don’t know about the challenges associated with rare disease treatment accessibility and don’t know how they can help. Furthermore, without strategic and leveraged effort, individuals’ voices are ineffective. Those who want to help need to do so in unison and in a highly focused way to bring about change.

«Strengh in Unity»

Our long-term goal is to become the leading representative group for patients with DMD in Canada.  Our mission is to make DMD treatment available immediately to kids in need. Our approach is first and foremost to raise consumer and political awareness by way of information campaigns. We use grass roots sporting events, social media leverage, representations and high level contacts to achieve our goal. We are also participating in the funding of promising research we have to dedicated funds one for Dr Rudniki and one for Dr Jérôme Frenette.

«La Force: powered by the community»

The effort of team 1 VIE-Tess combine with the right use of web marketing had a huge impact this year for La Force.  Our online video had over 80,000 views, we had extensive local media coverage and a segment on RDS TV show…

All this media visibility, gave us the right tools to have access to a new treatment not approuved in Canada.  The rise of the community in Mont-Tremblant have been simply amazing, last year people in the community (not only close friends) organise spontaneously fund raising event of all kind. La Force have been powered, by pure compassion and every sporting events and every single person wearing our t-shirt have built a movement and made us believe we can make a difference in the race to a cure.

The strength to change things

Becoming a mom is living every moment projecting yourself into the future with your child. Parenting has its share of daily challenges, but the sleepless nights rocking baby to sleep, organizing a birthday for a teen or repainting your son’s first apartment is worth more than anything else.

Excerpt from Journal Accès, continue reading here (french only)

The magic touch!

On November first, an out of the ordinary Happy Hour event was held at Tremblant’s Le Doigté hair salon. It was in fact a fundraiser for which all proceeds were to be donated to La Force Foundation. The money raised will be used towards research in the fight against Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, and the Anakin Project.

Excerpt from Journal Accès, continue reading here (french only)

Passion leads to great things

This man, full of Joie de vivre, is among the many parents who have a child afflicted with a rare disease. Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, or DMD, is a degenerative muscle disease for which there is currently no cure or treatment. He and his wife, Marie-Catherine, named this young man Anakin. In order to help advance research efforts, they created LA FORCE FOUNDATION.

Excerpt from SnowboardQuebec.com, continue reading here (french only)

An event that helps The Force with force!

On Saturday, November 15, a fundraiser for the benefit of the Anakin Project, hosted by La Force Foundation, met with an unexpected level of success: a sporting event that people will remember!

Excerpt from Journal Accès