Clinical Trials Simplified and La Force DMD join forces

Clinical Trials Simplified and La Force DMD join forces to accelerate the development of new therapies for DMD

During a conference about rare diseases, Marie-Catherine Du Berger, president of La Force DMD met Carole Abi Farah, Ph.D., General Manager and Co-founder of Simplified Clinical Trials. Clinical trials provide early access to treatments, contribute to medical knowledge about a condition, help guide future research, and have the potential to impact how people with the same condition are treated in the future. The Force is pleased to announce this new collaboration. Also, this service is offered free of charge by Simplified Clinical Trials.

A partnership to help

Clinical Trials Simplified (CTS) and La Force Dystrophie Musculaire de Duchenne (La Force DMD) announce the establishment of a joint partnership to help patients suffering from DMD across the province find clinical trials. This partnership aims to facilitate access to clinical trials for patients with DMD and to accelerate the development of new therapies for DMD.

CTS’s mission

CTS’s mission is to help the Canadian patient suffering from an incurable disease find a clinical trial that matches his/her medical condition. For more information on clinical trials currently recruiting in Canada for DMD, visit Clinical Trials

To participate in a clinical trial on DMD, please complete the registration form on Clinical Trials For more information, contact CTS at or 1-888-982-2782.

A new section about clinical trials taking place in Canada has been added to the home page of the La Force website here.

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