Identify the genetic mutation!

Experimental therapies for DMD treat different genetic mutations. It is therefore essential to know your specific genetic profile in order to determine which treatments or clinical trials are appropriate for you.

Different types of genetic tests can provide specific and detailed information about changes in your child’s DNA – known as mutations – that cause DMD. Identifying the exact mutation is essential for determining future treatment.

Your doctor can order a genetic test to detect specific genetic mutations. Hospitals usually provide genetic testing. Otherwise, you can turn to Decode Duchenne. It offers free testing and counselling for people with DMD or Becker muscular dystrophy. It may take several weeks or months to get the results.

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Decode Duchenne

Talk with your doctor about Decode Duchenne, share information about the program and ask questions.

To participate, children must:

  • Have a confirmed or suspected diagnosis of DMD or Becker muscular dystrophy, based on their doctor’s evaluation, clinical symptoms and a positive test for creatine kinase levels
  • Have not participated in other diagnostic programs or had previous genetic tests confirming a causative mutation in the DMD gene
  • Face a financial barrier to genetic testing
  • Be citizens or legal residents of Canada or the USA


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