The strength to change things

Becoming a mom is living every moment projecting yourself into the future with your child. Parenting has its share of daily challenges, but the sleepless nights rocking baby to sleep, organizing a birthday for a teen or repainting your son’s first apartment is worth more than anything else.

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The magic touch!

On November first, out of the ordinary Happy Hour event was held at Tremblant’s Le Doigté hair salon. It was in fact a fundraiser for which all proceeds were to be donated to La Force Foundation. The money raised will be used towards research in the fight against Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, and the Anakin Project.

Excerpt from Journal Accès, continue reading here (french only)

Passion leads to great things

This man, full of Joie de vivre, is among the many parents who have a child afflicted with a rare disease. Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, or DMD, is a degenerative muscle disease for which there is currently no cure or treatment. He and his wife, Marie-Catherine, named this young man Anakin. In order to help advance research efforts, they created LA FORCE FOUNDATION.

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An event that helps La Force with force!

On Saturday, November 15, a fundraiser for the benefit of the Anakin Project, hosted by La Force DMD, met with an unexpected level of success: a sporting event that people will remember!

Excerpt from Journal Accès