The story behind the Perfect Lift

Do you know the Perfect Lift?

Perfect Lift was inspired by Tanner, who has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Tanner cannot stand or use his legs or arms; he is entirely dependent on his family. Her mother, Dana Edwards, refuses to let Tanner’s disability dictate what they can and cannot do. She believes that life can still happen for them the way it does for everyone. She had to find a way for Tanner to get back into life and feel safe.

Difficulties in visiting

Tanner suffers from high anxiety and has a fear of falling when being lifted. The social isolation that goes with these types of diseases is heartbreaking, and Dana knew that she needed to make something that could get him to go over to a friend’s house without worrying. When Dana and her family would get invited to barbecues, they always had the same problems: They can’t get into the house with Tanners chair-or there’s no lift for him to use the pool. She had to figure out how he could accomplish these things in other people’s homes.

The Perfect Lift

To be a parent is to live in constant trials. It is often mothers or fathers, faced with a problem, who imagine a product to simplify their lives, this is the case with Perfect Lift. Perfect Lift can get Tanner in the house, on the couch, in the bathroom, and in the pool. Other people can now transfer Tanner. Dana made it, so it’s a two or three-person lift. She understands a lot of people don’t always have the extra hands, but her kids can easily transport Tanner. Purchase here.

A must for travellers

Perfect Lift has made life happen again for Tanner’s family. They love to travel and travelling was exhausting. They needed to bring a lot of equipment or have to rent it, but with the Perfect Lift, they can go now. They are able to lift Tanner on and off the bed, onto any toilet, in and out of any shower or tub, and walk him into the pool or hot tub. They lifted him on a plane, even on a boat. The Perfect Lift is a wonderful tool to help put someone safely onto a “pool lift” without hurting your back or dropping someone wet and slippery. The Perfect lift is made of strong and durable material, water-resistant, washable and able to support up to 300 pounds.


Dana – “He feels comfortable and safe. As his mom, the part I love most is how quickly we can get him where he needs to be… “


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What’s next for edasalonexent in 2020?

La Force is happy to share the latest edition of the Catabasis Connection newsletter about the Phase 3 PolarisDMD trial enrolled in the expected patient population and their partnership with Duchenne UK to evaluate edasalonexent in non-ambulatory boys and men affected by Duchenne.

A new Phase 2 non-ambulatory clinical trial in partnership with Duchenne UK!

Catabasis and Duchenne UK are partnering to study edasalonexent in a Phase 2 non-ambulatory Duchenne muscular dystrophy trial. Duchenne UK has granted over $600,000 in funding to support patient and clinical trial site costs. The exploratory Phase 2 study is designed to be a 1-year, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial to assess safety, pharmacokinetics, and exploratory measures of function including cardiac, skeletal muscle, and pulmonary function in non-ambulatory DMD patients. > Read more here.

To learn more about Duchenne UK, please visit their website:

Phase 3 PolarisDMD trial enrolled expected patient population

With the Phase 3 PolarisDMD trial fully enrolled, Catabasis is sharing measurements and information about the boys enrolled from the beginning of the trial. The analysis of baseline characteristics shows that patients enrolled in the Phase 3 trial have similar characteristics to the patients that enrolled in the previous Phase 2 MoveDMD trial. Both trials enrolled boys affected by Duchenne ages 4-7 (up to 8th birthday) with any mutation type who had not been on steroids for the past 6 months. Baseline age, North Star Ambulatory Assessment score, and timed function test values (time to stand, 4-stair climb, and 10-meter walk/run) were similar in both trials. There were no significant differences in these baseline characteristics between the two trials.

Top-line results from the Phase 3 PolarisDMD trial are expected in Q4 2020 and are anticipated to support an NDA filing in 2021.

About Catabasis

The mission of Catabasis Pharmaceuticals is to bring hope and life-changing therapies to patients and their families. There lead program is edasalonexent, an NF-kB inhibitor in Phase 3 development for the treatment of Duchenne muscular dystrophy. For more information on edasalonexent and the Phase 3 trial, please visit

About La Force DMD

The Force’s mission is to unite the DMD community to raise awareness around a common objective: that of providing access to new treatments as fast as possible and to participate in the funding of promising research projects. Where access to treatments for rare diseases is concerned, it is essential that our community be strong: each member must be an active spokesperson who helps raise awareness for DMD among the general public, as well as for the challenges associated with access to treatment.


Edasalonexent is an investigational drug that is not yet approved in any territory.